Sucre, Bolivia
Jan. 5-7, 2017
An IAR workshop was held in Sucre, Bolivia from January 5-7, 2017 focusing on Andean Museums. It was organized by Gary Urton with support from Richard Burger and Heather Lechtman. The talks presented considered how the prehispanic cultures and civilizations are represented in ethnographic and archaeological museums in the Andes. It also considered what the relationship was between contemporary indigenous groups and their representation in museums.The workshop brought together directors and curators from Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador. The proceedings of the workshop appeared in 2019 in Chungara vol.51(2), an open access, Chilean anthropological journal published by the University of Tarapacá.

Purmanmarca, Argentina


Officers and Members

Cajamarca, Peru

Aug. 28-30, 2000

The theme of this first workshop was how to combine archaeological and ethnohistoric data and perspectives. Subsidiary themes were: Myths and cosmology, ethnicity and identity, and the frontiers of the empire. LA ARQUEOLOGIA Y LA ETNOHISTORIA: UN ENCUENTRO ANDINO was the first volume to result from the IARs series of workshops.

The volume includes papers by Segundo Moreno from Ecuador, Lorenzo Huertas from Peru, Sonia Alconini from Bolivia, Jorge Hidalgo and Calogero Santoro from Chile and Ana Maria Lorand and Veronica Williams from Argentina; Maria Rostworowski provided a summary commentary.  Discussions following each paper were also transcribed and included in the publication.

The Interrelationships of New World Cultures Program, Costa Rica (1958)

“A conference of several days duration at which type samples and tentative conclusions are to be presented and discussed with a view to a series of comprehensive and integrated publications” (Mason 1967).

Viking Fund Conference, New York (1947)

“In July of 1947 the Viking Fund underwrote the cost of a two-day conference held at its headquarters in New York under the joint auspices of the Fund and the Institute of Andean Research. Many important papers on Peruvian archaeology by participants in the program were given at the conference. With the aid of a grant from the Viking Fund these were published as a joint publication of the Institute and the Society for American Archaeology: Bennett, Wendell C., Editor. 1948. A Reappraisal of Peruvian Archaeology, Memoirs of the Society for American Archaeology, No. 4, Menasha” (Mason 1967).